by William Shakespeare
Directed by Aaron Elmore
at McPhetres Hall, Parish Hall to Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
4th and Gold, downtown
Oct. 31st - Nov. 23rd, 2014

Love changes everything...

The Winter's Tale (with which the Colin Farrell movie of a similar name has absolutely zero connection)
is a wonderful tale of family, passion, insecurity, sacrifice, love, second chances, and the hope that exists in the possibility of forgiveness.

The scene opens in Sicilia, where the royal court is celebrating the visiting King of Bohemia and the peace that exists between the two nations.
All implore him to stay on the island just a little longer, and what follows from his simple decision leads the royal family and those about them
to great pain and decades of regret -but also to love, prosperity, and eventually, to dreams of reconciliation.

Kings and queens, wayward princes and lost princesses, judges, oracles, wandering conman minstrels, lords, sheep, and of course,
this is the play with the most famous of the Bard's only two stage directions:
Exit, Pursued by a bear