Literacy rates, the need for swift advertising, and the fact that the Globe Theatre looked great all decked out in them resulted in the use of flags by Elizabethan-era theaters to communicate the type of play being performed. In honor of this tradition, we make use of them as well, with a few necessary additions:

White flags flew for Comedies and light-hearted fare.

Black flags were used to advertise that a Tragedy was being performed.

A red flag meant a History was showing (and history means blood).

The green flag, though not traditional, is used by TR to denote a Shakespearean Romance.

This flag means Canada.

White with a gold border stands for non-Shakesperean lighter pieces / comedies.

Black checkered, in addition to "GO!", means a 'more somber -or at least darker- non-Shakespearean tragedy-leaning work'
that might even secretly be a comedy, but it's hard to tell at first glance.

This flag means 'prepare to repel boarders'.

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