by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, & Jess Winfield
Directed by Aaron Elmore
Fall 2009, Alaska Territorial Hall (Old Elks)

Back by popular demand! This legendary adaptation, in which every single play of the Bard's is presented,
that is, at least, well, mentioned in less than two hours, is fast paced and alarmingly funny.

Beginning with a two-man version of Romeo & Juliet (to quote the Bard, "One man in his time plays many parts...")
and ending with Hamlet performed four times in a row (the final rendition performed backwards in less than a minute),
the show rebounds between moments of deep beauty and abject silliness. Titus Andronicus is done as a cooking show
(ah, but which cooking show...), the Histories are a football game with a crown instead of a ball, the comedies are
lumped together and performed by puppets, puppets, puppets, and Othello is an inspired musical number
which must be seen to be believed.

Complete works! Complete works! Complete works!