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  • We have always been nomads, working in various venues, with very little storage, functioning primarily on a cash basis with minimal fundraising.
    For us, in our budgets as well as in our productions, a little must count for a lot. This has taught us to value simplicity and imagination.
    Our work will always be informed by these. From the beginning, though, we have wondered what our work would be like if all of the time,
    resources and energy we've spent moving our gear was spent on the plays we were doing instead. In the old McPhetres Hall, at Holy Trinity
    Episcopal Church, we were close to finding out.

    Though not a church group, we have done over half of our shows there because the size, location, and hospitality of the parish suited us very
    well. After thirteen productions, we had created ways to transform the bare hall into an ad hoc theatre in a matter of days. Although this
    temporary theatre kit allowed us to change our set and seating arrangement slightly for every show, for every show we still had to spend
    those several days putting it all together right before opening, when our minds and bodies were already stretched to the limit.

    The fire in 2006 swept away the Hall and that ad hoc theatre kit. Since then, we have had a chance to re-imagine the future, to
    reprioritize our values, to reinvent our selves. New vision came swiftly. Before the fire was even out we got out first donation.
    Later that day, we got a check from Holy Trinity Church and a clear message: they hoped we would keep going and to come back when the hall
    was rebuilt. The spontaneous donations flooded in, all with the same message: "Rebuild!" A year later, when Holy Trintity had finally
    received 70 cents on the dollar of their insurance claim, they passed on the same percentage of personal property loss claimed by Theatre
    in the Rough. Now, they have asked Theatre in the Rough to become Theatre in Residence in the new hall. A letter of agreement between
    the two entities defines what that means. Holy Trinity decided, at our recommendation, to build a permanent stage, lighting and
    sound systems in the New McPhetres as well as provide superior risers and chairs for the audience (no more bleachers!). Load in, in the New McPhetres,
    will take hours, not days. What is more, in exchange for our design of the space, they have offered to give us free rent on two
    shows a year and first priority on scheduling for the next two decades. This gives us our New Home but leaves the Hall available,
    and much better suited, not only for church uses, but for all the other arts groups, concerts, luncheons, and functions which
    made McPhetres the quintessential Community Hall.