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  • Finally, after almost 20 years of wandering, Theatre in the Rough comes home to the New McPhetres Hall at 4th and Gold, Downtown.
    Designed by architect Jeff Roberson and co-artistic director Aaron Elmore, the new McPhetres will feature a raised stage, proscenium arch, curtains,
    catwalk, demountable seating (no more bleachers!) and all the trimmings. We just need to pay for it. Created in 2008, the New Home Fund is a Donor Advisory Fund with the
    Juneau Community Foundation. Theatre in the Rough has pledged to donate $150,000 to finish and furnish the New McPhetres Hall at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.
    In November 2010, on the closing night of Cyrano de bergerac, the TR board of directors presented Holy Trinity with a brand new lighting system and a check, together totaling $100,000.
    On the closing night of our next production, Our Town, in the still unfinished hall, we hope to present Holy Trinity's contractor with the remainder, and
    the instruction, "Make it beautiful." This is an enormous accomplishement, Juneau. You should be very proud of your town, we certainly are.

    If you want to contribue to the final push, you can use the links above to make a donation or pledge a chair. Thank you!

    To learn more about the New Home Fund, the Theatre in the Rough/Holy Trinity partnership, or the new McPhetres, you can
    sign up for our quarterly newsletter, The Roughian or contact us.